Skating Officials

15th June 2018

Skating Officials

Photo by Roller Derby on Film

Just like NSOs, Skating Officials (SOs) are crucial to roller derby. Sometimes known as Zebras or referees, Skating Officials determine lead jammer status, call penalties, stop play in case of accidents or safety concerns, count and confirm points, and generally keep the game – often literally – on track.

Skating Officials are highly skilled. They have to master their own set of skating skills, as well as hone their knowledge of the game and rules, memorise penalty calls and hand signals, and generally attempt to keep order with 10 skaters on track at a time.

If you…
– want to skate
– love learning rules
– have a knack for authority
– boast a keen memory for phrases and hand signals
– and look good in black and white stripes

…then officiating could be for you!

Get in touch at to find out how you can get involved with Sheffield Steel Rollergirls as a Skating Official!