Roller Derby: What Will I Learn?

Before you can start playing roller derby proper, there’s a whole bunch of skills that you’ll learn to make you a strong, stable, kickass skater – known as minimum skills (or ‘min skills’). Skaters who’ve not yet passed their min skills are known as ‘pre-mins‘.

As a pre-min, the very first things you’ll learn are skating stance and stride, stopping, and falling safely. Over our 12 week minimum skills programme you’ll build on these crucial blocks and get ready to start playing derby for realz:

  • Skating forwards and backwards
  • Sticky skating (not lifting up your feet, kind of like skiing)
  • Skating around corners
  • Pack work (skating close to other skaters in a group)
  • Crossovers (the motion that looks super cool in all the derby photos)
  • Stepping
  • Jumping
  • Gliding
  • Weaving
  • Laterals (moving from side to side of the track)
  • Whips and pushes
  • Taking and giving hits
  • 27 laps in 5 (skating 27 laps of the track in 5 minutes)

Everyone goes at their own pace, and there’s always lots of support on hand to help you master those skills. At the end of 12 weeks we have a 4 week period where we review everything you’ve learned, and see if we can tick off some of those skills. Skaters usually repeat the 12 week programme at least 2-3 times, there’s no rush at all. Once all the skills are ticked  – welcome to the team!

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