Starting Your Roller Derby Adventure

You’ve seen Whip It, or Derby Crazy Love, or In The Turn. You’ve been to some bouts and cheered on your local team. You kind of know what’s going on in the game. Now it’s YOUR turn to strap those skates on and be your own hero. ​

  • First things first: find your league. Maybe you’ve already set your heart on a team, or maybe you’re still looking. Roller derby is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK – chances are there’s a league near you just waiting for you to discover. Google ‘roller derby [your location]’ and see what’s on offer.
  • Next – send them a message. You should be able to find contact information really easily: on their website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. ( is a great place to start…). A simple message like ‘Hello, I want to wear wheelie shoes and hit my friends, can I play?’ will do. Most teams will hold specific recruitment events throughout the year, because it’s nice for new skaters to join together so it’s less intimidating. We hold recruitment drives, known as intakes, three or four times a year, but every league is different so get in touch with your chosen one to see how they work.
  • We also offer meet n greets in the run up to our intakes, where you can come along to watch a new skater training session in action. Keep an eye on our Facebook Eventspage for more details.

Congratulations! You’re one step closer to starting your derby adventure. Tomorrow’s subject: Getting Your Kit On.

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